Kievskiy Bread

Web shop offers healthy and delicious artisanal bread.

We are happy to present you a product of years of experience, creativity and love put into a high quality handicraft bread.

Kievskiy Bread is not a mass product, it is produced in small batches every day.

Our main advantages:

- original product, baked in a hearth oven

- our own unique recipes and live leaven

- baskets of natural flax and vines

- our baker’s knowledge, mastery and years of experience

- delivery across Kiev and Ukraine via Nova Poshta


Idea for Kievskiy Bread came from the passion to create a healthy product for ourselves, our children, friends, guests and everyone who values natural and tasty food!

Flour and grain are very important in bread manufacturing. There are only the best combinations of hard and soft wheat varieties, whole wheat and spelt flour in production of Kiev Bread. Flour compound of Kievskiy Bread makes it a unique source of vitamins, healthy carbs, irreplaceable amino acids, cellulose and micro elements.

"We aren’t chasing trends, we’re just doing what we feels right and judging by the responses we’re getting, people are happy with that. We are committed to doing the best we can, especially when it comes to the quality and taste of our bread. That’s why we want people to see our bread as a gift to share with others, or indulge on special occasions. Why? Because our bread not only looks great, but tastes and smells great too. We love our bread and wholeheartedly believe in it, which is why we are so excited to share it with you. Our bread is the taste of this city, the taste of Kiev!"

Brand Chaf Denys Komarenko

The best way to keep Kievskiy Bread

The bread is well kept in a dry place at temperatures 18- 25°С in its original packaging or in closed containers, in breadbaskets, in bag.

How long Kievskiy Bread can be used

With proving careful storage, the bread can be consumed within 7-10 days . After 2-3 days of storage the bread is especially good for making toasts. You can make bread slightly moisten in case it dried and put it to the oven or in a pan.

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The process of making bread

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For each type of Kievskiy Bread it is chosen special blend of flour with soft and hard grain wheat with including wheat grain spelled.

The leaven grows on the base of chosen blending flour and water.

The four basic ingredients of Kievskiy Bread are water yeast flour and salt.

The dough is prepared on this base.

After kneading, the dough passes the process of rest and warm-up - to saturate with oxygen, then the formation of portions. After this process, the dough in baskets from the natural vine is left for 8 hours at a low temperature in the refrigerator.

Then the bread is baked in the hearth furnace. The whole process of preparation - from kneading dough to baked loaf takes 22-24 hours.